At MICAELA LARISCH-Design, Ltd. We design and produce dancewear for ballet and costumes for theatre and special projects. The brand stands out with the colours, anatomical shape, comfort, design and technical innovation. With our work we want to contribute so that everyone can achieve their dreams within the available budget.

Atelier was born in 1995, with the care required for special projects, starting with the design and production of costumes for ballet and theatre performances. It made sense to create brand in parallel to the custom work, evolving into dance uniforms. With all the backstage support provided to the dancers over the first years, it was easy to see what were the needs of adaptation of the garment to a body and of the overall comfort, finding innovative solutions, reinventing the classics and simplifying; of course, eventually we also created a standard product, the result of all the know-how above, in a simplified form that could offer the base features of the custom work but available to more consumers. The important thing is for everybody to be able to dance, within the available budget!

We are a small Studio/Atelier, but the whole process unfolds in CAD/CAM environment, where technology enables us to ensure accuracy of execution, speed, and cost control. Mass production was not what we considered most important, but rather to have a process that would allow us to respond to the needs of our customers, especially in terms of costs and delivery time, growing with our customers and not imposing an obrigatory consumption.

We feel comfortable to accept challenges that pull us forward, what, along with our company format, over the years has enabled us to ensure the quality and creativity of our solutions for ballet and special projects (design and production of clothing and/or scenic elements not related to ballet). We're here to help you achieve your dreams!

Micaela Larisch

- CEO and designer.